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Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg's Endorsement

Bismarck’s Endorsement

In January of 1990 Marjorie Smith called the Magnolia Ballroom to say that she had an old framed advertising print of a distinguished man seated outside that included the lettering; Magnolia Brewery and Houston Ice and Brewing Co. and would we be interested in it because she was going to be getting rid of it. Trying to control my excitement, I asked if I could come and see it right away. The print turned out to be a one of a kind pre-World War 1 promotional advertisement for the Magnolia Brewery. Marjorie was happy that someone else thought it was special because it meant a lot to her. When asked to give what history she knew of the picture she hand wrote this note:

This print hung in the saloon part of my grandfather’s (Fritz Roensch) store in Bellville, Texas. Schauerhammer and Roensch was a saloon, ice house, grocery store, furniture, and dry goods; what was then considered a General Store. It was rather large for such a small town. I guess the Magnolia Brewery did business with them and gave them this pre-WW 1 print. It has been very special to me and I hope your Magnolia Ballroom will cherish it.

Marjorie Smith

The print has hung in the ballroom of the Magnolia Brewery ever since. Thank you, Marjorie

The copy on the print says:
“Complements of Magnolia Brewery”
Houston Ice & Brewing Co.
Houston, Texas.

In the lower left side in English:
I always take pride in advocating Home Industry. The Magnolia Brewery Beer of the far off land in America, known as Houston, Texas, I consider equal in all respects to the best I ever sampled. I therefore unhesitatingly recommend its use among all others to my American friends and fellow countrymen.

And then on the right in German:
Die Ermuthigung der heimathlichen Industrien war immer mein Stolz. Das Bier der Magnolia Brauerei in der Stadt Houston, in dem fernen Staate Nord-Amerilka’s Texas gelegen, betrachte ich in jeder Beziehung als ebenso gut als irgend ein Bier das ich je versucht, und ich kann dasselbe daher ohne Zoegern allen meinen Freunden und Landsleuten in Amerika als dasjenige Bier empfehlen, welches den Vorzugvor allen anderen verdient.

On the bottom left of the print in small letters it says:
Printing copyright 1895 by Kaufmann and Strauss N. Y.

Pre-World War 1, German beer, like French wine, was considered the best quality in the world. So getting a German endorsement for a Houston beer was important publicity for the brewery. There is no proof on the print that the distinguished looking gentleman with white hair and mustache, dressed in a military uniform, sitting on a chair in the woodsy outdoors, toasting his beer (in a stemmed glass no less), smoking a pipe, and attended by his handsome dogs, but, I would think, he could only be Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg himself.

Bart Truxillo, August 6, 2012

Marjorie's Handwriteen Note
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Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg
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