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The Historic Magnolia Brewery Building

First Home of The Houston Ice & Brewing Co. (circa 1900) Brewers of Magnolia, Richelieu and Southern Select Beers






The Houston Ice & Brewing Co.

Beer was brewed in the large building to the left which completely spanned Buffalo Bayou.

The location of the horse and carriage in this photograph ( below ) is today the site of the Louisiana Street bridge which crosses the bayou. The world globe on the pedestal is a light.

The two story building to the far right is the only surviving building in the complex and houses the Magnolia Ballroom today.

May 31, 1929 Flood

This is the intersection of Milam and Franklin St. with the Magnolia Building to the upper right. The portion of the Magnolia complex which spanned the bayou were destroyed.

The downtown Houston area flooded two times during this period which led to the construction of the Addicks Dam.

December 1935 Flood

see also: Houston's devastating flood of 1935 by J.R. Gonzales, Houston Chronicle

1920's Milam Street

This is the intersection of Milam and Louisiana looking north towards Buffalo Bayou. The Magnolia Brewery Building is to the extreme left.

The four-story building further down the sidewalk is also part of the Magnolia Brewery Complex.

Brewing Magnolia Beer

This is the Magnolia Brewery in production. Magnolia Beer was produced as well as Richlieu Beer and the most popular Southern Select.

Magnolia Building as a Hotel

After prohibition the building was used as a hotel. the fire escapes were added on two sides.

The pedestal to the left displayed a bottle with advertising.

Houston Ice and Brewing Building

The steel structures on the left side of the building were used as conveyor belts in the brewing process. The trucks on the left were for deliveries and those are Model T's parked along Franklin Street on the right.

The building to the far right housed the executive offices for the brewery and the old Magnolia Cafe. This is the Magnolia Ballroom today.

Houston Ice and Brewing Checks

Advertising Picture of the Magnolia Brewery

This is a concept drawing of the Houston Ice and Brewing Co. and the Magnolia Brewery.

Early views of the Magnolia Brewery
from post cards at the Houston Heritage Society

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